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Hospitality Recovery Program

AEI Corporation mail in rebate details:

Offer Valid September 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 on the participating brands and models listed.

$50 AEI mail in rebate brand Patio Comfort Models

NPC05 SS (portable NG heater), NPC05 AB (portable NG heater), NPC05 SPP (permanent post mount NG heater)

$50 AEI mail in rebate brand Infratech

C and CD Motif Collection, C and CD Series, W and WD Series

$100 AEI mail in rebate brand Infratech Custom Control Packages

Solid State Control Packages, Universal Relay Panels, Home Management Relay Panels

* Valued controls (INF, on/off, and duplex switches) are excluded from rebate.

$100 AEI mail in rebate for Infrared Dynamics (Sunglo and Sunpak)

Sunglo Models:

A242B, A242SS, PSA265, PSA265SS, PSA265V, PSA265VSS, PSA265VE, PSA265VESS, A244, A244V, A244VE

Sunpak Models:

S25, S25S, S34, S34SS, S34 B TSH, S34 S TSH


Limit 2 rebate submissions per hospitality customer and address. Rebate will be fulfilled by check from AEI Corporation. Please allow 5 – 10 business days to process and ship via USPS mail. Please contact our customer service team at (949)474-3070 or email us at to check the status of your rebate after 15 business days.

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